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The Ultimate Garden Dining Set Buying Guide

The Ultimate Garden Dining Set Buying Guide
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It’s time to get a head start for the summer festivities and arrange an outdoor space that you love. We know that when you dine outdoors, the atmosphere needs to be right, you need to be comfortable and enjoy the perfect space you’ve created. Purchasing the right garden furniture can be a mountain to climb, but with our handy dining set buying guide, we’re here to make it easier for you. So, it’s time to review your garden, and get your front row seat to summer.

Top 4 Things To Consider When Buying A Garden Dining Set

How Much Space Is Available?

Space is an important thing to consider when you’re investing in new garden furniture, especially something that is going to last you for years to come. Do you have a spacious garden that could fit an 8 chair dining set? Or is it an average sized garden that you want to make the most out of and therefore settle for a cosy and sturdy 4 seater rattan dining set?

Whatever size your outdoor space is, there are countless options for you to create a space that you can’t get enough of. You don’t require exact measurements in the early buying stages, but having an estimate on what will work in your garden is a must.

How Will Your Garden Dining Set Be Used?

Knowing how you will be using your garden dining set, and how often will help in the buying process. Are you going to be casual dining and therefore would like a dining set with more comfort, such as armchairs or sofas? You’ll have a better sense of what kind of dining set you’re looking for once you know how it will be used.

How Much Maintenance Will Your Garden Dining Set Require?

We all know the struggles of British weather, which is why when we come out of the summer season we also need to take into consideration the outdoor furniture. There are various dining sets that are rust resistant, and resistant from all terrains, but there are furniture pieces that do suffer from insufferable amounts of rainfall. How much time, effort and energy do you want to put into looking after your outdoor dining set? For some materials, it’s best known to use protective paint every year to restore and refresh garden furniture. If you’re looking for something that isn’t as demanding and won’t take up time you need for other events and plans, take this into consideration before you buy.

Where Will The Garden Dining Sets Be Stored?

A common way to protect your furniture, is to store it when it’s no longer being used. This saves you from having to maintain it through all kinds of terrain, as briefly discussed earlier in our last point regarding maintenance and furniture. Usually, putting garden furniture in storage is ideal, but you have to ensure where you’re storing it is safe and secure. For example, if you’re going to store it in a garage that has had a roof leak, this poses a risk to damaging your furniture.

Different Types of Garden Dining Sets

  • Dining setsStylish and practical sets that are ideal for casual and alfresco dining. Seating available from 4 – 10 people.
  • Bistro sets – Ideal for smaller spaces. They’re cosy, attractive and available in various designs.
  • Coffee sets – For additional comfort and lounging. These include armchairs, sofa seats, hanging chairs and more.

  • Garden Furniture Materials

  • Metal – A popular choice when looking for something durable and sturdy.
  • Wooden – A popular choice for the more traditional garden and outdoor space. Wooden garden dining sets offer a more natural and timeless feel, but require maintenance and protection from harsh weather conditions.
  • Rattan - A popular trend for the last few years. Rattan garden dining sets are stylish, practical and functional. They work indoors and outdoors, which makes it extremely versatile too.

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